Accepted Papers

1 Multicast Key Agreement, Revisited Alexander Bienstock, Yevgeniy Dodis and Yi Tang
2 A Pairing-Free Signature Scheme from Correlation Intractable Hash Function and Strong Diffie-Hellman Assumption Benoit Chevallier-Mames
3 Faster Isogenies for Quantum-Safe SIKE Brian Koziel, Rami Elkhatib and Reza Azarderakhsh
4 Fully projective radical isogenies in constant-time Krijn Reijnders and Jesus-Javier Chi-Dominguez
5 Private Liquidity Matching using MPC Shahla Atapoor, Nigel Smart and Younes Talibi Alaoui
6 Approximate Homomorphic Encryption with Reduced Approximation Error Andrey Kim, Antonis Papadimitriou and Yuriy Polyakov
7 Attacks on Pseudo Random Number Generators Hiding a Linear Structure Florette Martinez
8 Lattice-based Fault Attacks on Deterministic Signature Schemes of ECDSA and EdDSA Weiqiong Cao, Hongsong Shi, Hua Chen, Jiazhe Chen, Limin Fan and Wenling Wu
9 More Accurate Geometric Analysis on the Impact of Successful Decryptions for IND-CCA Secure Ring/Mod-LWE/LWR Based Schemes Han Wu and Guangwu Xu
10 Integral Attacks on Pyjamask-96 and Round-Reduced Pyjamask-128 Jiamin Cui, Kai Hu, Qingju Wang and Meiqin Wang
11 Related-Tweakey Impossible Differential Attack on Reduced-Round SKINNY-AEAD M1/M3 Yanhong Fan, Muzhou Li, Chao Niu, Zhenyu Lu and Meiqin Wang
12 Side-Channeling the Kalyna Key Expansion Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup, Daniel Genkin, Yuval Yarom and Zhiyuan Zhang
13 Fake it till you make it: data augmentation using Generative Adversarial Networks for all the crypto you need on small devices Naila Mukhtar, Lejla Batina, Stjepan Picek and Yinan Kong
14 A New Adaptive Attack on SIDH Tako Boris Fouotsa and Christophe Petit
15 On Fingerprinting Attacks and Length-Hiding Encryption Kai Gellert, Tibor Jager, Lin Lyu and Tom Neuschulten
16 CCA security for Posteriori Openable Encryption and Generic Instantiation in the Standard Model Xavier Bultel
17 Dynamic Universal Accumulator with Batch Update over Bilinear Groups Giuseppe Vitto and Alex Biryukov
18 Adaptively Secure Laconic Function Evaluation for NC1 Răzvan Roşie
19 FASTA – a stream cipher for fast FHE evaluation Carlos Cid, John Petter Indrøy and Håvard Raddum
20 New Attacks from Old Distinguishers, Improved Attacks on Serpent Marek Broll, Federico Canale, Nicolas David, Antonio Florez-Gutierrez, Gregor Leander, Maria Naya-Plasencia and Yosuke Todo
21 Pholkos – Efficient Large-state Tweakable Block Ciphers from the AES Round Function Jannis Bossert, Eik List, Stefan Lucks and Sebastian Schmitz
22 Robust Subgroup Multi-Signatures for Consensus David Galindo and Jia Liu
23 Subversion-Resilient Enhanced Privacy ID Antonio Faonio, Dario Fiore, Claudio Soriente and Luca Nizzardo
24 PriBank: Confidential Blockchain Scaling Using Short Commit-and-Proof NIZK Argument Shuang Wu, Mayank Raikwar and Kristian Gjøsteen