The Cryptographer’s Track at the RSA Conference

San Francisco, CA, USA, 07–10 February 2022

Held in conjunction with the 2022 edition of RSA Conference USA

Main conference page with access to pre-recorded talks and slides: https://www.rsaconference.com/Events/2022-Cryptography

Registration is free, but it is compulsory to register to be able to access the live interactive discussion with authors. You can do so on the registration page: https://go.rsaconference.com/rsac-us2022/rsac-cryptography

CT-RSA, or Cryptographers’ Track RSA Conference, is the venue for scientific papers on cryptography within the RSA Conference. The RSA Conference is the main trade show for the security industry; over 40,000 people attend the exhibition floor, keynote addresses, events, seminars, training events and the various technical tracks. CT-RSA is the track devoted to scientific papers on cryptography. CT-RSA is a great venue to ensure that scientific results not only get published to the wider cryptologic community, but also get exposed to technical attendees from industry, government and wider afield. The conference is organised by the RSA Conference organisation, and the CT-RSA Program Chair for 2022 is Steven Galbraith from the University of Auckland, who was appointed by the CT-RSA steering committee. For questions about the CT-RSA conference please contact s.galbraith@auckland.ac.nz.

Key Dates

Submission deadline: Thursday September 23, 2021 (23:59 UTC)
Final notification: Thursday November 11, 2021
Camera-ready version: Sunday December 5, 2021


Original papers on all technical aspects of cryptology are solicited for submission. Topics included but are not limited to:

Public-key algorithms Symmetric-key algorithms
Hash functions Random number generators
Applied cryptography Cryptanalysis
Cryptographic protocols Cryptographic standards
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain Efficient implementations
Elliptic-curve cryptography Hardware security
Post-quantum cryptography Tamper-resistance
Side-channel attacks and defenses White-box cryptography

Given the wider audience of the CT-RSA track within the RSA Conference itself, the committee will give preference to papers which are of a broad interest to security professionals. (For reference, see the DBLP list of CT-RSA publications of previous editions of the CT-RSA conference.)

Conference Format

The conference organisers of the RSA Conference intend to hold a physical event, but the CT-RSA track will not require authors to present their paper in person. So virtual/remote participation will be allowed. The exact details of the presentations are not yet decided, but are likely to include a pre-recorded video and participation in a live event. The RSA Conference will coordinate with pre-recording talks. Authors of accepted papers will be required to comply with all the deadlines and processes of the RSA Conference, such as providing a first draft of their presentation by December 6, 2021 and the final version of their presentation by January 10, 2022.